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Tripp Grebe

Before I came to sixth grade with Mr. Matera, school and classes were just something that I showed up for to get grades. But that all changed this year in history class. The first day of school and the first time our class got the chance to meet Mr. Matera, we knew this was no ordinary teacher, but what really got everyone excited about the school year was when we learned that Mr. Matera’s class would be gameified. Now this means that over the year we would have different challenges, competitions, simulations, and etc. Instead of some other classes where we would study out of a text book and do papers. With every challenge or simulation came the chance to earn a badge or an item which would allow you the privilege to do certain things. For example you could zap a question off of a test with an item called “Zeus’s Lightning Bolt” or take 5 more minutes to ponder a test or activity with an “Issac’s Apple Tree”. The gameification that Mr. Matera created made students more excited about class than anything else. I saw some of my best friends who used to care nothing about school spending hours a week working on an extra credit project or as we called it a “Sidequest”. But the thing that made this gameifacation so great was the fact our grade learned more than we ever would by studying text books. So in conclusion I speak for my whole grade when saying this, Mr. Matera changed the way we learn and inspired us to do more in and out of the classroom. Mr. Matera made my classmates and I want to come to class.


Ashley V. 

Mr. Matera is an awesome teacher! His creative teaching style is so fun. Most of the time we are having so much fun we don’t even realize how much we are learning. He put a lot of thought into each activity through every unit. He’s funny and great with kids. He pushed me to become the best student. His class is so fun because of his spectacular game system and his unique activities that help you get ready for the test.


Ishan K.

If I had to put 6th grade history in one word it would be intense. Mr. Matera does a great job of using competition to an advantage, without letting it get out of hand. He spends vast amounts of time working with children, and letting them eat up some of his free time so that they can have the best class of their lives. He uses revolutionary ways to bring the class room to life, using his knowledge and the knowledge of others to make kids adore his class. Mr. Matera is not just a normal boring old teacher, he is the teacher that soars above the rest. So if you don’t get what I’m trying to say, what I am trying to say is that Mr. Matera is the best teacher in the world.


Grace L.

It is awesome being in Mr. Matera’s class! I learn so much everyday! I enjoyed all of the different games and simulations we did in class. Those really helped me learn what was like to be in that period of history, or to make the thing they had to build. I learned so much about every unit we did. From our very short Mesopotamia unit to our very long Greece unit. I was pushed to become better everyday, but especially when we had days where we were able to earn items. I wanted them so badly, so I would push myself harder and harder so I was able to earn that item. Near the end I had more than a page of items! Mr. Matera’s class can be really unique and awesome, but make you smarter and better at the exact same time. Everyday we are able to learn something new. Sometimes instead of just doing history, we are able to learn about teamwork and what it feels like to be a part of something bigger than you. (Things like wars and big moments in history.) I will never forget anything that happened in his class. Everything that comes out with me from his class will stay with me forever.


Kathleen R.

Mr. Matera’s class is a fun, hands on class that teaches us loads of material!

The reason why Mr. Maters’s class if so fun is because he makes our lessons into a game, and what kid doesn’t like a game? His teaching method is a way that kids don’t need to worry about having tests every week, instead we have battles, or royal rumbles, that are similar to tests and make us demonstrate our knowledge, but are more fun and less pressure.

Mr. Matera pushed us in creative ways to show our mastery of information. We had a chance to show our stuff through screen casts, simulations and rumbles. Also, some of the sidequests were really fun like making a magazine cover for Cleopatra or writing a jingle to show our knowledge about the Romans. Even when we did have tests, all of the review leading up to them was fun.

For someone like me who doesn’t like to sit still and take regular tests, Mr. Matera’s way was really fun. I think I learned a lot, even more than I realized and very often I didn’t even know I was learning.

These are some reasons why I love Mr. Matera’s way of teaching. Thanks Mr. Matera for a great year!


Branden HB.

To me I can’t even start to describe how much fun 6th grade history was this year with Mr. Matera. The style of teaching Mr.Matera uses from his gamification  to letting us learn in types of simulations was such a different style of teaching, but was a style that allowed kids to get out of their comfort zone and learn in a environment that was so entertaining to be in. I think I can speak for all of the 6th graders and say that we all looked forward to history class each day. But the main reason I think the class was fun was because Mr.Matera was able to take the time and care about the what the students thought of his class. For me Mr.Matera made 6th grade history a comfortable and fun environment for me to learn in. 6th grade history with Mr.Matera is one class I will never forget.


Ellie N.

I love being in Mr. Matera’s history class! We work hard and learn something new every day. I always understand the topic because of the way Mr. Matera teaches the class. We have awesome simulations so that we recognize what sort of thing happened back in history and that way of learning really helps me understand. The way he teaches helps us experience what really happened and what it would have been like. Everyone is always entertained in his class with the mixture of enjoyable ways of teaching and jokes. These classes help develop an understanding of history and a will to work together as a team. In history, we work in groups a lot, and it helps our class as a whole. If we weren’t doing our best, we were encouraged to try harder for success. The way we learned about Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, the Dark Ages, and the Renaissance caused me to remember most facts from each and every one of those units. Last but  not least, gamification. I LOVE the way Mr. Matera incorporated the game into the lessons which encouraged us to do our best! All in all, I think history with Mr. Matera was an amazing and fun learning experience!!!


Holly H.

I really liked how Mr. Matera made his classes fun and engaging. Not once was I board. I feel as if the class/simulation is engaging you then learn so much better and you remember so much more. You also never know what is going to happen when you open the door. Because of Mr. Matera I don’t think any history class can top it! Thanks for a great year!


Sam M. 

Mr. Matera is an amazing teacher. He has a very unique teaching style that is fun to learn from and works very well. He has created fun and different projects that mix creativity and hard work together so you can make something original. He also makes the projects easy to learn from. For example, in the rumbles, we try to get items by studying hard. He also made it so you have to do a good extra credit to succeed in his class. This makes students work harder to make one of them instead of just doing average. To sum it all up, Mr. Matera is one of my favorite teachers that will always find a fun way to do a project or a class.


Brooke B.

Mr. Matera’s class is a once in a lifetime experience. It teaches you that if you put your mind to something you can be successful at anything. There are so many fun activities. All the way from the Greek Olympics to the small simulations we did. All  of these activities teach something. Many teachers bribe children with treats or candy. Mr. Matera doesn’t have to that because all of the activities we do are for a purpose and are also fun. Many kids don’t like tests well, this year in sixth grade parts of that changed. This year when Mr. Matera told us that there was an upcoming quiz, kids wanted to work just that much harder. This was an eventful and exciting year. Thank You Mr. Matera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Joey W.

I don’t really know how to express how much fun your class was. The projects, the debates, the style of teaching. I learned so much because when you do these simulations and activities, the facts stick in your brain. You come out of the class with a positive attitude and say to all your friends, “It’s so much fun!” Yet when you look back on your classes, what you remember is astonishing. The random facts and stories that you might forget if it were a lecture. This class really was an experience I will never forget. And I wont forget the facts either.


Ava V.

I enjoyed the class very much. I enjoyed the class because his simulations are fun and new. For example, we have done a ancient Roman court case, a trading simulation, and many more. In this class we always get pushed to do better (in a good way). Mr. Matera always loves when you go the extra mile in his class. For example, doing a side quest (a.k.a extra credit). If you do well on your side quest and he thinks it’s top notch, you can get a cool badge or item which has to do with gamefacation in his class. Gamefecation is great because the items you earn help you in boss battles. Overall I have to say Mr. Matera is a fun guy and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love his class.


Kelly S.

Being in Mr. Matera’s 6th grade World History class was a privilege! I always looked forward to my 3rd period class knowing Mr. Matera would have something fun planned for us. His ideas were new and very much enjoyable. The simulations we played were awesome and realistic in a way thats kind of hard to explain. Lets just put it this way, they were out of this world creative, challenging, exciting and amazing. From having surprise tests to participating in the Olympic Games, this is one class I will never forget.


Ana K.

If I could describe World History in one word, that word would be indescribable. With all the debates and simulations it feels like I traveled back in time. Mr. Matera’s class is the best class I have ever been in.


Sheilla N. 

I think that Mr. Matera’s Class is the best class in the world! The gamifacation for Realm o Nobles is absolutely wonderful! I love history and I am going to be sad not having Mr. Matera next year. I was definety surprised by how much fun I had this past year in history. I really loved everything about it and I loved the flair Mr. Matera put into making The R.O.N. the best it can be!


Katie H.

I moved to USM in the middle of the year and didn’t know anyone. Mr. Matera is one of the best teachers I have ever had and his class was so much fun and I met many new friends.  It was different than any history class I’ve ever had; it was really interactive and we acted out so much of the history that we studied.  My parents say they’ve never seen me so excited to go to school, and Mr. Matera changed the way I thought about world history.



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