Jason’s Pizza Settings and Tips and Tricks


This recipe comes from an app called the Pizza app! Download it and use these settings for a day of or overnight proof. This is from my dear friend Jason who is a pizza man if I ever saw one!


Set in the app.


  1. if your house feels cold, add just a touch more yeast
  2. Mixing: Use a Kitchen Aid mixer just until no dry flour is left. Let sit for 10 minutes, then knead. In Kitchen Aid until it forms a decent ball (at least 5 minutes) 
  3. Keep it in bulk until about 1-2 hours before balling. 


  1. Take the RT Leaving time and give 2 hours before fridge & 2-3 hours after the fridge on bake day!
  2. Adjust the times so that you have about an extra hour to proof out of the fridge in case it under proofs
  3. When you take out of the fridge ball the dough up into the number you put in and the weight you used and let proof. 


I want to be making pizzas 36 hours from now for a dinner party. 

  • Adjust the time you think you will start baking (plan on that earlier side in case it under proofs). 
  • 2 hours at room temp
  • 30 hours in fridge in one big ball
  • 3 hours at room temp (in pizza balls)
  • This leaves you that 1 bonus hour if it isn’t proofing well. 
  • APP SETTINGS: You would put 5 hours room temp, 30 hours cold proof to eat this 36 hours from now! 


  1. Use a pizza oven as hot as it can get. Or use your house oven with a baking steel. Set it to 500 degrees and wait till it warms up a bit say 30 minutes. 
  2. Make your pizzas and put them in for about 7-12 minutes (watch them as it may vary with your oven) Pizza oven is MUCH shorter! 
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