Nanna Salad Dressing



A bit of Mayo (about 1/3 cup)
Some Red Wine Vinegar (about a teaspoon at a time)
Some Sugar (one teaspoon at a time)


Ok, this one is really simple and one that my mom always just tosses together. She really doesn’t have a recipe she just whips it up and tastes throughout. So I will challenge us all to do the same.

  1. She gets a small bowl out and adds the Mayo.

  2. She then adds the vinegar and lastly the sugar.

  3. Then she whips them together with a whisk. Tasting throughout to make sure it tastes just right.

Salad Fixings for this Dressing:

  1. She uses romaine lettuce.

  2. Red onion

  3. Dried cranberries

  4. Bacon bits

  5. Cut up raw broccoli

  6. Sometimes added sugar snap peas.